MacMillan + bettermarks
  • Conforms to CBSE, ICSE,
    State Boards & IB Board
  • Scientifically Established
    Assessment & Remedial Tool
  • Available for Classes 4 to 10

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About Macmillan Education

Macmillan Education has enjoyed continuity in India‚Äôs educational market for over 120 years. Being one of the world's leading publishers of school and higher education curriculum materials, Macmillan Education works with teachers, students, institutions, educational authorities and the Ministries of Education to develop high quality course books and supplementary materials to suit the needs of teachers and students at all levels. In the past few years the digital revolution has changed the face of school classrooms — instructional teaching modules, video clips and animations all leading to an interactive teaching learning process.

Macmillan prides itself on its willingness to innovate and employ visionary people with the creative and business sense to develop and implement new ideas. This focus has successfully led to the expansion of the group into new business areas and an ability to innovate in the digital space.

About bettermarks

The bettermarks online solution helps students learn maths efficiently at the primary and secondary level (K12). Teachers and parents are actively integrated in the learning process through a comprehensive set of features such as performance and know­led­ge gap reports for an individual and a class. By integrating all of these features, bettermarks helps students achieve
"better marks".

The content created by bettermarks
  • Provides state-of-the-art interaction and unparalleled logic.
  • Offers a learning experience that goes beyond "correct" or "incorrect." The system analyzes all answers in depth and detects the root cause of errors.
  • Proposes alternative solution paths and improvements, thus guiding each student individually and adaptively.
  • Has more than 100,000 exercises and support material documents (online maths textbooks, glossaries, etc.) available, which offer a motivating, intuitive and comprehensive learning experience.
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